group sewing classes
Small 3-5 person classes held in my Glengarry dressmaking studio.
Post-pandemic classes (dates tbd)
Dress Patterning 101: Learn to draft and drape a fitted pencil skirt
Dress Patterning 201: Drafting, draping & fitting a basic sleeveless bodice
Dress Patterning 301: Modifying the sloper for unique designs (moving darts and style lines)
Tailoring Skills 301: Fit and sew a vest using traditional tailoring techniques
Tailoring Skills 401: Fit and sew a winter jacket using traditional tailoring techniques
Sewing 101: Sew beginner-friendly pj/lounge pants
Dress Sewing 101: Sew a beginner-friendly half circle skirt
Dress Sewing 201: Sew a basic pencil skirt 
Dress Sewing 301: Sew a fitted sleeveless dress 
Corset making 301: Fit and sew a modern underbust corset
Group Coaching: bring in a project, and receive extra assistance. 
private mentorship & project coaching
Private coaching is for those looking for sewing classes with individual personalized attention. Mentorship sessions can be based around the above class lists, or following the construction of a garment of your choice. They can be offered for individuals or private groups. Currently available in-studio and over video call from $25/hr. 
video learning
Independent online learning. Get started today with  a selection of free mini-courses
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