Patterning For Fashion Design: Lessons From History – October 23, 2022 (2pm)
Discover the magic behind the creation of some of history’s most iconic fashion silhouettes. This talk will connect you to the craftspeople of the past, introducing you to the techniques used to produce some of history’s most recognizable garments. Home sewists will learn how the historical skills of pattern drafting and draping can be applied to create a modern wearable wardrobe.
The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and light refreshments.
Tickets are $10 (cash only) and must be purchased in advance at Indigo Hill, 26 Main St. E., Vankleek Hill. 
group sewing classes
Small 3-5 person classes held in my Glengarry dressmaking studio.

Dress Patterning 101: Learn to draft and drape a fitted pencil skirt
Dress Patterning 201: Drafting, draping & fitting a basic sleeveless bodice
Dress Patterning 301: Modifying the sloper for unique designs (moving darts and style lines)
Tailoring Skills 301: Fit and sew a vest using traditional tailoring techniques
Tailoring Skills 401: Fit and sew a winter jacket using traditional tailoring techniques
Sewing 101: Sew beginner-friendly pj/lounge pants
Dress Sewing 101: Sew a beginner-friendly half circle skirt
Dress Sewing 201: Sew a basic pencil skirt 
Dress Sewing 301: Sew a fitted sleeveless dress 
Corset making 301: Fit and sew a modern underbust corset
Group Coaching: bring in a project, and receive extra assistance. 
private mentorship & project coaching
Private coaching is for those looking for sewing classes with individual personalized attention. Mentorship sessions can be based around the above class lists, or following the construction of a garment of your choice. They can be offered for individuals or private groups. Currently available in-studio and over video call from $35/hr. 
video learning
Independent online learning. Get started today by visiting the
let's connect
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