the couture experience
design vision and consultation
After an initial consultation in which we discuss your vision, I will produce one or more sketches of possible designs to choose from. These sketches may be modified until the final design is agreed upon. I will also guide you through fabric choices, so your unique vision can come to life.
custom pattern creation
An in-person fitting session is generally recommended for taking measurements. If working remotely, you'll be guided through measurement-taking for the best results. You will then have a personalized pattern drafted for you that is customized to your unique design and size.
mockup fitting
Typically, we will then fit one to three mockups of your garment. Fittings will happen in-person, or (for remote work)  you'll be mailed a mockup of your garment and we'll fit it with the help of video chats and photos. Alterations will be made based off the fitting. When the design consulting, material sourcing and pattern fitting stages are complete, we'll have likely already spent 5 to 50 hours on your project! Whew! Now that we have your bespoke design and custom fitted pattern we can move on to constructing the commissioned piece in your desired fabric. 
garment construction
It's time to begin cutting your materials and assembling your final garment. Between 10 to 100 hours might be invested in the construction phase of your slow-fashion garment. Plenty of updates will be sent as you see your vision coming to life. When sewing is finally complete, your bespoke garment will be ready to head home with you! 
the bespoke advantage
A bespoke garment might be right for you if....
You're looking for slow fashion quality over quantity alternatives
You want a custom tailored fit & unique style  that goes beyond the standard
You value the couture customer service experience
You love the craftsmanship details that elevate your style to wearable art
You want to support local female-owned business
...or all of the above!
investing in quality
The bespoke experience involves a high level of customer service, fashion design consulting, patterning/fitting, and fine detailed construction. As a result, commissions begin at a minimum of $675, and upwards. What couture experience is right for you and your budget? View the Historical, Bridal, Tailoring & Kiltmaking, and Daywear investment tiers.
Fabric Sourcing? Alterations? Rentals?  Visit the FAQ page for more information.

If you have severe allergies to cats or dogs we may not be the best fit. My studio is attached to a home with pets.
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