It was a love of people—their history, language and culture that originally drew me to the study of fashion history during my time at Mount Allison University. As I continued my studies in fashion and costume design abroad in Sydney (Aus), I fell in love with the care and craftsmanship that went into the garments of days gone by.

As I worked as an intern in the fast-paced environment of backstage runway shows and fashion shoots, I felt there was much that was lost in our modern age of fast fashion. Garments were often made cheaply and quickly- created with the intention of ending up in a trash pile by the following season. I was sad to see an infinite variety of beautiful body types squeezed into S-M-L labels, and longed for a more careful and compassionate alternative. 
Delska Dressmaking was born with the intention of bringing the world of slow fashion back to life, with designs inspired by the past.
It's my dream that my Atelier can be an inclusive dressmaking space for all. I want  listen to how you want to show up in the world so that we can tailor-make a slow fashion garment that celebrates your unique style &  beauty. I'm pleased to use my 10+ years of experience in the fashion industry as a stylist and garment maker to help turn your fashion dreams into reality.  

My hope is that each high quality garment we create together will remain a wardrobe favourite in your closet for years to come!
Your dressmaker,
-Caitlin (she/her)
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Why bespoke?
Investing in a bespoke garment might be right for you if....
• You're looking for slow fashion alternatives.
• You want a custom tailored fit that goes beyond standard-size.
• You've got a unique style or design to bring to life.
• You value the couture customer service experience.
• You're prioritizing quality over quantity in your wardrobe.
• You value the craftsmanship details that elevate your style to wearable art.
• You want to support local female-run small business.
...or all of the above!
the couture experience
design vision and consultation
After an initial consultation in which we discuss your vision, I will produce one or more sketches of possible designs to choose from. These sketches may be modified until the final design is agreed upon. I will also guide you through fabric choices, so your unique vision can come to life.
custom pattern creation
An in-person fitting session is generally recommended for taking measurements. If working remotely, you'll be guided through measurement-taking for the best results. You will then have a personalized pattern drafted for you that is customized to your unique design and size .
garment construction and revisions
Typically, we will then fit one to three mockups of your garment. Fittings will happen in-person, or, for remote work, you'll be mailed a mockup of your garment and we'll fit it with the help of video chats and photos. Alterations will be made based off the fitting. When fitting is complete, we can now move on to constructing the commissioned piece in your desired fabric. Plenty of updates will be sent as you see your design come to life. We will continue to work together on the final garment, fitting and perfecting, until you have a design you absolutely LOVE!
Fabric Sourcing? Alterations? Rentals? Gift Cards? Visit the FAQ page for more information.

If you have severe allergies to cats or dogs we may not be the best fit. My studio is attached to a home with pets.
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