Bridal Skirts
Plain dress hemming (Straight/A-line/Full/Extra Full): $200-$290-$376-450
Cut edge hemming (tulle): $60 per layer
Skirts with lace & beads hemming (Narrow/Full/Beaded): $450-$550-$630
Skirt seams in/out (Plain/Lace/Beaded): $140-$190-$260
Bustle (1-3 points/4-6 points/7+points): $75-$110-$190
Bridal Bodice
Cups added: $35
Side seam alterations in/out (Plain/Lace/Beaded): $115-$190-$256
Zipper alteration (Plain/Lace/Beaded/With loops): $120-$170-$260-+$25
Add corset back (internal/external): $170-$250+
Raise shoulder (sleeveless/sleeved): $40-$100
Change neckline: $90-$120
Plain chiffon hemming: $70/layer
Plain lining hemming: $51
Horsehair hem removed and reattached: $120
Plain side seams in/out: $85

All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars. An additional 30% fee is charged for rush alterations needed within 14 days.
Please be prepared to attend two to three in-person fitting sessions in my studio for alterations to be completed. 
Pricing quotes are estimates only. Personalized quotes can be given after viewing your specific garment. All commission pricing is ultimately based on an hourly rate. 
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